Gianluca Capozzi: Sequences of a panorama

From 2 February to 28 March 2024

Opening: 2 February | 4 - 10 p.m.

Opening hours: Thu - Fri - Sat | 4 - 7 p.m. or by appointment

metroquadro Corso San Maurizio 73/F  10124 Torino

metroquadro presents:
Gianluca Capozzi: Sequences of a Panorama
text by Mattia Solari
February 2-March 28, 2024

opening february 2 4 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Gallery hours: Thu – Fri – Sat | 4 – 7 p.m.
or by appointment at 328 4820897
Corso San Maurizio 73/F 10124 Torino


Sequences of a panorama


“The boundaries of our mind are constantly shifting and many minds can flow into each other, so to speak, and create or reveal one mind, one energy.” W. B. Yeats, Magic, Adelphi, Milan, 2019, p. 17.

Lucid dream is the oxymoron that best describes the dimension that Gianluca Capozzi’s painting discloses. The situations, environments and characters portrayed in his works elude the phenomenal world and narrate the nonlinearity of time and space.

The works that the Sequences of a panorama exhibition presents are sequences that probe the eye as it captures fragments of panoramas that by analogy become inner landscapes.

The new paintings in the series Stanze, interiors, made for the exhibition, feature living rooms of middle-class houses with a vintage atmosphere, which become for Capozzi metaphors for a being Inside to look inside. Here, heaps of abstract forms, nebulized and superimposed on figurative elements, outline domestic scenes that nevertheless do not give rise to intimate and cozy scenes; on the contrary, they decline into phantasmagorical contexts, like the optical illusions that occur during an altered state of consciousness.

Everything is interconnected, and everything is animated by energies of different hues and vibrations flowing together. The work of art is thus, as Aby Warburg had this to say, a dynamogram, which is an instrument that records the passage of a force.

For this reason, Capozzi’s painting transcends pure representation and transfigures it by layering the image and deflecting its apparent meaning. In his operation of conjunction of figure and abstraction, of gesture and minimalism, of drawing made of lines and colorist drawing, Capozzi’s paintings open to an altered, psychedelic dimension, where temporal planes blur, and interiors, made of metal modernist furniture, fòrmica and glass, leather sofas, acid colors on the walls, and, as in a mise-en-abyme, hanging paintings, construct a setting, deserted and silent, where no human figures appear, because it is these very interiors that observe the human figure that we as viewers are.

Capozzi recreates places of an altered elsewhere, a parallel, dreamlike dimension, which also returns in the second series in the exhibition, Untitled, which draws instead on vintage photographs of female figures. Unusual poses and evanescent figures, they are the ghosts who may have inhabited those same living rooms, and who break the irrevocable linearity of the passage of time for an eternal impermanent present, in a provisional balance that transcends the boundaries of minds.

Mattia Solari

Gianluca Capozzi was born in Avellino in 1973 and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in 1997. Lives and works in Aiello Del Sabato, (AV)
His works have been exhibited in several international art festivals, museums and foundations including: “BAM, BIENNALE ARCIPELAGO MEDITERRANEO”; “WAITING FOR THE PRINCE” Videoinsight® Foundation; “OCEAN PROJECT” curated by Viktor Misiano at Palazzo Delle Arti, Naples; “MULTIPATH FADING” curated by Pier Luigi Tazzi; “BROWIAN MOTION” with Gordon Cheung, Velan Center, Turin; “FRAME STORE” and “TRAVEL REPORT” at Artra, Milan.
Works by Gianluca Capozzi are held in several foundations and public collections including: Museo Laboratorio, Città S.Angelo, The Artrooms Foundation, London, The Bank Contemporary Art Collection, Luciano Benetton Collection, Frank Cohen Collection, London, Videoinsight® Collection.
Among the finalists for two Videoinsight® Prizes, Eneganart Prize, Palazzo Strozzi, Cairo Prize, Termoli Prize, Lissone Prize, Celeste Prize, Brodbeck Foundation, Banca Profilo Prize at Permanente, Michetti Prize, and two editions of the Seat Pagine Bianche Prize.
Capozzi transcends representation, but uses all available elements to allude to an expanded reality.
In his works, the artist wants to express the concept of interdependence and impermanence, with figures, like ghosts, inhabiting a single instant and on the connection with our deepest part, the expanded states of consciousness, generating visions, evolution and awareness, in a characteristic perceptual, almost theatrical staging that wants to get closer, as close as possible, to make visible, here and now, what is not visible.
The relationship between light and color in painting embraces speed and instinct making the moment in which the work is completed and the very concept of creating the protagonist. The painting itself is a trace of this gesture, a painting not of representation, but part of reality.


Gianluca Capozzi: The Severed Garden