Night Vision

From 28 January 2010 to 25 February 2009

Opening: 28 January 2010

Opening hours: Thu - Fri - Sat | 4 - 7 p.m. or by appointment


Night Vision

curated by Marta Casati

Lorenza Boisi has personally chosen Night Vision as the title of the exhibition hosted by Metroquadro and curated by Marta Casati. The exhibition, which brings together more than fifteen oil on canvas works made in different years, does not follow a specific selection, nor does it arise as a result of an initial project of a programmatic nature. Its constituent principle is rather to be found in the sensation of when one is completely immersed in darkness, deprived of a clear light with the function of a guideline, forced to operate the eyes of the mind and a sensory perception not only by physical nature. -visual.

Night Vision is also the technical definition that names every optical implementation to the scarce ability of the human being to distinguish in the dark … to discern good from evil as well. In the absence of the beautiful Tapetum Lucidum, the human being is weakened, helpless. (…) Night Vision is, in my world, a faculty of looking into the physical darkness and into that of consciousness, into the repressed and uncanny, explains the artist in the interview in the catalog.

In her critical incipit, Marta Casati describes some aspects of the stylistic approach and of the material / conceptual research conducted by Boisi: “An artist is a constellation of facets, branches, encounters, certainties as well as doubts and countless second thoughts: being involved in both total & totalizing matter is the decisive quid that determines its condition. (…) Faced with a painting by Lorenza Boisi we can be sure not to use improper terms by defining her as an artist and, specifically, a painter because it could not be otherwise. The galaxy of experiences that contains it needs increasingly expandable coordinates to hold back impulses of thought and gesture, coordinated and still artful for yet another surprise “.