Steve Sabella: In Exile

From 6 May to 17 June 2010

Opening: 6 May 2010

Opening hours: Thu - Fri - Sat | 4 - 7 p.m. or by appointment


In Exile

“I am constantly in a process of questioning and introspection, traveling into my internal ‘I’ to examine who I really am.

Questioning the reality that surrounds me allowed me to develop my personal perception of life and not to fall into the trap of ideology and the systematic infection of uniform identities.

I wanted to talk about my life and give it a visual shape.

Now I see my art as a kind of visual diary or novel.

A good novel is read and translated all over the world! What I hope is that my art creates an engaging experience for its visual readers”.


Steve Sabella


Steve Sabella

Steve Sabella