interior affairs

19 March 2015

interior affairs

10 artists interpret the living space

The interiors we inhabit speak of us and maybe sometimes have a life of their own

Robert Campin placed biblical scenes in 15th-century Dutch settings.
Johannes Vermeer is famous for the detailed intimacy of the rooms and their inhabitants.
English painting from ‘700 is dominated by “conversation pieces.”
The interiors were used to express particular psychological states: from van Gogh’s bedroom to Renè Magritte’s surreal domestic spaces.
Recently, numerous photographers have made “interiors” a consistent subject of research, think of Hiroshi Sugimoto, Thomas Demand and Candida Hofer.

interior affairs is an excuse to talk about interiors
what relationship do we have with the spaces in which we live or have lived or would like to live?
how do they represent us? or what do they represent to us?
what do they evoke to us, remind us, what influence do they have on our lives?
how do we “build” or conceive them?
whether they are impressions, projections, emanations, desires, idealizations, representations of experiences or missed experiences,
the artists on show propose an “affair,”,
a relationship with an internal physical space, but not only, and with the presence / absence of characters who inhabit it and who in turn relate to it.

the exhibition would also like to be a game of references and relationships between the artists and their works, the observer and non-neutral exhibition space, but once again a living environment
(giorgio osella – tomdesign)

[erwin olaf – photography elyron – chalks maria bruni – photography maura banfo – photography mauro penna – mixed media pepe fotografia – photography raoul gilioli – mixed media sergio cascavilla – mixed media shara – mixed media, oils umberta genta – fotografia]

opening 19 march 2015 6 pm
from 20 to 28 march 2015 10am-1pm; 4-7 pm
Sunday and Monday closed

c.so san maurizio 73B Torino
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