New solo show by Shara Hughes

May - June 2011

New solo show by Shara Hughes

The new solo show by Shara Hughes, an American artist who lives and works in Atlanta, opens on May 15th in Metroquadro, two years after the artist’s first exhibition in the gallery.

The exhibition, which is configured as the continuation of a happy collaboration relationship, presents the artist’s latest works on paper, small and medium-sized in mixed media, in which scenes of interiors with bright colors and improbable and almost childish, but with great stylistic recognition what is sildenafil citrate. These are surreal environments, broken down into simple and elementary geometric shapes, in which the human presence is never visible, but always hinted at, alluded to, expected.

Shara Hughes, already established on the American art scene, plans to attend the Showhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine for the summer, where she will work, in contact with some of the most important artists in the United States, on a new series of works.

In the fall he will participate in an exhibition with three other artists in Austin, Texas and at a date to be defined he will be part of the “Paint” exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

Shara Hughes is represented by Museum 52 in New York, by the Mikael Andersen Gallery in Copenhagen and Berlin.