Franco Tosi

About This Project

Franco Tosi (1962, Magenta) graduated from the IASA Institute – “Institute for Auxiliary Health Arts” of Bologna. Lives and works in Bologna.

Il mio lavoro trae spunto dall’universo biologico, una ricerca sui rapporti tra le diverse forme organiche indagando sul mistero dell’esistenza. A pictorial technique that is affected by environmental changes in its execution rhythms, where cells and filaments materialize on fluid internal landscapes giving us the perception of our being. The images dissolve gradually losing all recognition to become an introspective vision of ourselves. Abstraction and ambiguity, as a dreamlike representation of a real state in which man is still the protagonist.


Selected solo exhibitions:

  • 2021
    “Defrazioni” curated by Beatrice Buscaroli – Galleria Di Paolo Arte – Bologna” Insight ” Galleria Metroquadro Arte – Torino” Inside ” NH Hotels Santo Stefano – Settimana dell’Arte – Torino
  • 2017
    DIALOGHI ” curated by Marco Sassone – metroquadro – Torino with catalog
  • 2016
    Luce e Materia ” two persons Show – Galleria Di Paolo Arte – Bologna – Italy
    “Umori” curated by Federica Terenzi – Bologna Centro per la Cultura
    [ARWN] – during ArteFiera – Bologna – Italy
  • 2014
    “Synaesthesis” curated by Ivan Quaroni -Galleria Di Paolo Arte – Bologna
    “ART CITY White Night” a collaboration between Comune di Bologna and Bologna Fiera -Galleria Di Paolo Arte – Bologna
  • 2013
    “Fragili Orizzonti” curated by Gianluca Ramini – Banca Mediolanum Branch – Ferrara
  • 2012
    “Alternatives unequivocally 02#12” selection curated by Studio Key Gallery Art Space – Anzola Dell’Emilia (Bo)
    “Astrazione tra illusione e razionalità” curated by Emanuela Silvagni -Rocca Malatestiana di Sassofeltrio – Pesaro
    Organized by Comune di Sassofeltrio and Comitato Civico Sassese – Pesaro
  • 2011
    “Prospettive differenti” curated by Gianluca Ramini – Palazzo Racchetta – Ferrara – with Patrocinio della città di Ferrara
  • 2010
    “Matter no Matter” curated by Chrisian Vasciarelli – C.30 Contemporary Art Gallery – Bologna
  • 2008
    “Mitosi” curated by Chistrian Vasciarelli – C.30 Contemporary Art Gallery – Bologna
    Exhibition Catalog included in database of Watsonline – Thomas J. Watson Library of Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York
  • 2006
    “Dissolvenze” curated by Licia Mazzoni – Galleria Cavour – Bologna
    “Il Giardino Segreto” curated by Licia Mazzoni – Convento di San Domenico – Sala della Traslazione – Bologna
  • 2005
    “Variazioni” Banca di Bologna – Anzola dell’Emilia (Bo)
  • 2003
    “Pigmenti e materia” curated by Alessandro Dall’Olio – Key Gallery Art Space – Anzola dell’Emilia (Bo)


Selected group exhibitions:

  • 2015
    “The $20 Art – Postcards” curated by Brandon Wisecarver – Con Artist Collective – Ludlow Gallery – New York – NY
    “Centennial SDMAAG 1915 – 2015” curated by Kathi McCord and The San Diego Museun of Art Artists Guild Board
    Gallery 21, Spanish Art Village, Balboa Park – San Diego CA.
    Oceanside Mueeum of Art / Herbert B.Turner Galleries, Southfair Del Mar – Southfair CA.
    “Food on Demand” Gallerie in Galleria – Il cibo nell’arte contemporanea – a project by Rossella Barbaro
    curated by Isabella Falbo – Atelier Fendi Galleria Cavour – Bologna
    “Artefiera” Fiera Internazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea – Galleria Di Paolo Arte – Bologna
  • 2014
    “Science Inspires Art: The Brain” Group exhibition by Art & Science Collaborations,Inc.
    Selections by Stephen Nowlin and Anjan Chatterjee – New York Hall of Science – New York – NY
    “Five by Five: Small Art for a Big Cause” Exhibition By Art Council Hillsborough County – Tampa museum of Art – Tampa – FL
    “Science Inspires Art – The Brain” Exhibition organized by Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. – NY – USA
    “Members’ Exhibition” Judge Rachael Faillace – The Center of Contemporary Art – Bedminster – NJ – USA
    “Saatchi Screen” Selection by curators of Saatchi Gallery – Saatchi Gallery – London – UK
    “Paesaggio nel tempo sospeso” curated by Nicolò Di Paolo – Galleria Di Paolo Arte – Bologna
    “Artefiera Art First” Fiera Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea – Galleria Di Paolo Arte – Bologna
  • 2013
    “Artefiera Art First” Fiera Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea – Galleria Di Paolo Arte -Bologna
  • 2012
    “Opening Gallery” Artisti della Galleria – C.30 Contemporary Art Gallery 2 – Udine
    “Settembre D’Arte” Fiera D’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea – Galleria Di Paolo Arte – La Spezia
    “Artefiera Art First ” Fiera Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea – Galleria Di Paolo Arte – Bologna
  • 2011
    “Collettiva Artisti” Galleria Opening – Galleria d’Arte A & M – Pietrasanta (Lucca)
  • 2008
    “Lettura fresca” Libri d’artista ARTELIBRO curated by Giovanni Monti and Christian Vasciarelli
    Patrocinio del comune di Bologna – Museo Civico Medievale – Bologna
    “Opere pittoriche” curated by Christian Vasciarelli – C.30 Contemporary Art Gallery – Bologna
  • 2006
    “Soma” curated by Alberto Zanchetta – Banca Emil Banca – Sede – Bologna
  • 2004
    “Collettiva artisti” Inaugurazione Nuovo Spazio Arte – Palazzo Comunale – Arpiola di Mulazzo (Massa Carrara)