The others 2015

The others 2015

Remain pure, true, faithful to oneself and to one’s ideals, whole in the body, steadfast in the spirit, always in motion, sensitive to what is happening around. Being free, unconventional, subversive towards homologations or stereotypes. Try to be happy, positive, creative, that is, to feel good, with oneself and with others, with the world. C’è un modo per dire tutto ciò, un’espressione che è un mood, un progetto, una scelta. staygoldè la suggestione di The Others 2015, da condividere con tutti coloro che ne faranno parte.

metroquadro at The Others Art Fair
second floor, cell C8

Ex Carcere Le Nuove
Via Paolo Borsellino, 3 Torino

Opening times:
November 5th | 21.00 – 1.00 | Opening party
6 – 7 Novembre | open 5pm – 1am | The Others show
November 8 | 12.00 – 22.00 | The Others show

metroquadro at The Others | EXHIBIT

Ex Borsa Valori
Via San Francesco da Paola 28 / Piazzale Valdo Fusi – Torino

Opening times:
November 4th | 21.00 | Vernissage – free admission
5 – 6 – 8 November | 2.00 pm – 9.00 pm | Exhibit
7 November | 14.00 – 24.00 | Exhibit – Night of Contemporary Arts

Madonna della conchiglia  - 2014 - acrilico su tela - cm 69 x 60
Fulvia Mendini

The secular nature and the liturgy of Marian faces in an earthly fusion, inside the cell of a former prison, to dream of an exquisite and golden garden.

Prima del tempo
Fiori e madonne

Painting Madonnas is an intimate spiritual need of mine.

The face of Mary is a soothing icon that gives joy and well-being.

I would like these images to communicate sweetness, love and beauty.

The flowers represent my sense of space.

They are microcosms in which I express desires and forms, colored organisms that pulsate with enchanting vitality. A botanical constellation, whose vocabulary belongs to nature, the history of art and the history of decoration.

The secular nature and the liturgy of Marian faces in an earthly fusion, inside a cell of a former prison, to dream of an exquisite and golden garden.

Sergio Cascavilla

The machine that transforms objects into GOLD

Oro transformer
The world is yours

The “Oro Transformer” machine is part of a much larger and more complex project entitled: “THE WORLD IS YOURS”, made up of various installations with which the public can interact. The project focuses on the contrasts of today’s world, from “politics”, “power”, “fear”, “ethics”, “consumerism” and, with the part of machines, on “the utopia of happiness “and” the economy “.

The machine that transforms everything into GOLD is the object of desire that everyone would like, to transform anything into GOLD, to have everything, therefore power. Unknowingly at the same time the GOLD would be devalued by the large amount available, losing its initial value, and its economic potential, consequently the power.

Because happiness is not in the objects, but it is within us.


  • The lever is lowered, the machine starts up;
  • lights, buttons, and screens start flashing;
  • you start to hear noises of machine movement;
  • an object is inserted above the conveyor roller, which slowly brings the object to be transformed inside;
  • through a combination of secret codes you press the buttons that interact with each other, creating alchemical combinations within it, according to the result you want to obtain;
  • suddenly the machine starts to smoke, this is the signal that everything is going perfectly;
  • after 23 hours and 57 minutes the desired effect is obtained, the object appears at the top in the transparent dome transformed into GOLD !!

The “Oro Transformer” machine is 2 meters high and 120 cm wide, it is modular in 3 main parts,
is composed internally of electrical and mechanical parts and in part by highly secret elements, the installation is composed of various contour elements, such as the carpet specially designed with golden flashes, objects in golden ceramic, and many other elements that give the installation a strong emotional impact.